Friday, May 22, 2009

Upcoming Events

May 23, 2009:
Amanda Bellows Wedding @ Freedom Hall

"The overall color palette is shades of white with soft accents of blue which will incorporate gentiana, miniature calla lilies, and a variety of white florals to compliment."

May 23, 2009:
Surprise Party @ (Private Residence) Los Altos, CA

"The overall concept for the design work has been based on complimenting the incredible hand carved panels that will be enjoyed in the living room as well as the mirrored walls of the dinning room. The goal is to compliment these elements in a natural outdoor setting. The contributing gleam from the pool as well as all the plantings in the garden will reflect the white, soft lavender, and grey tones, creating an almost seamless color story."

May 24, 2009:
Heena Shah Wedding @ Doubletree Hotel

"This color palette includes a collection of precious metals: silver, platinum, and gold with red, fuchsia, and pink to complete the spectrum, while incorporating the use of oriental lilies, hydrangea, orchids, gentiana, and roses. To complete the overall vision will adorn with crystals, mirror garland, and bands of satin ribbons."

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