Thursday, May 14, 2009

Upcoming Events

May 16, 2009:
Etta Wong Wedding @ Silver Creek Valley Country Club

"The overall color palette is one celebrating tiffany blue and orange tones with a few accents of ivory-white. Some flowers to be included are hydrangeas, miniature calla lilies, orhchids, tulips, and roses which will all enhance the beautiful garden and waterfall setting."

May 16, 2009:
Renne Camacho Wedding @ Byington Winery

"A reflection of chartreuse green, ivory, and chocolate brown are to encompass the overall theme of this wedding, which shall incorporate the massing of green cymbidium orchids with burgundy throats and ivory roses."

May 17, 2009:
Amy Consul Renewel of Vows @ La Foret

"Exhibiting the use of extraordinary colors such as bright burgundy, lavender, coral, and touches of spring green will be hydrangea, roses, and stargazer lilies, which will all help accentuate this lovely evening."

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