Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Tradition Of The Easter Lily

There are many different varieties of a traditional Easter flower. The most agreed upon one today is that of the Easter lily, which is looked upon as a symbol of purity. However, the lilies dominance as the most traditional Easter floral did no alway reign.

Many countries in the world have different Easter flowers. For example, in the United Kingdom and Russia, the pussy willow is the traditional flower for Easter. What's more, to dig even deeper into history, the narcissus has the most ancient association with easter than any other flower. This is still the tradition in some parts of Europe.

This year if you decide to purchase an Easter lily, search for one that has several unopened buds. The buds and leaves will eventually open and last longer in your home. To help aid in your Easter lilies longevity, keep the soil moist and place the plant in a light airy and cool environment to prolong the life of the flower. Another easy tip to save your furniture from stains is to remove the yellow pollen bearing pods in the center of each flower.

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